Founded by Lady Charlotte Desmarais in 1972. Since Lady Desmarais’ death in 2001, activities are overseen by The Desmarais Charitable Trust, headed by her daughter Anna Desmarais.

Basic Meditation
The Book

Basic Meditation is a small volume containing recommended procedures for beginning a meditation practice or enhancing an existing one. Also assembled within are texts either directly or laterally related to the meditative mode. Authors include Aleister Crowley, Dorothea Tanning, Robert Anton Wilson, Henri Michaux, Dion Fortune, Paul Ricoeur, Alan Watts and Terence McKenna.

Basic Meditation
The Shirt

Back in stock; now with a long sleeve option. “Remind yourself” when you are on the move with William Stevens’ classic ‘70s drawing. All proceeds go to benefit the center.

Basic Meditation
The Folder
An audio companion for meditation; comprised of a total of 12 individual downloads. Included are six guided meditations by Professor Eka Chanda-Bloom and six meditation drones by (BOTA).
Digital Download

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Portable Focus Panel
There are two primary mediation conditions for the eyes: open and closed. For those who prefer eyes open we have developed a method of abstract image focus; this is the portable version. The method is for consistency of eye posture.

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Unifying the minor currents which seem divergent but which secretly yearned for convergence, your divided realm will find itself in unity, in a splendor of such unity that if someone had foretold it you would have declared it absurd, impossible, inhuman. Yet it happened, there it is. (Henri Michaux)